Christmas Morning Memories

I am pretty much a Christmas fanatic, I get more excited about it than my kids do and if you knew my kids it would say a lot because they are crazy for Christmas too! I plan and dream for months before Christmas getting all the presents and ideas ready and the night before I am so full of excitement I don’t hardly sleep a wink. This year was especially amazing as the kids are both at such fun ages Noah (6) and Libby (22months).

On Christmas morning we make the kids wait at the bottom of the steps until we are ready for them to come up! The expressions on their faces this year as they ran up were just priceless! They are a little blurry but will be some of my favorites forever!

Growing up our presents were not wrapped, they were just set up and displayed for us to dig right in on Christmas morning. I loved this and new I wanted to continue the tradition with my babies. I just love putting everything out and making it look all adorable!

Noah’s Christmas was filled with lots of dress up costumes, legos, beyblades, playmobil and more! Libby got a kitchen set, dollies, a mini pink grand piano and other adorable girlie things! Their joint gift was The Land of Nod camper tent that I painted and decorated along with new sleeping bags and pretend campfire!!

Sitting and watch them go from toy to toy with such excitement and joy just makes my day! We had such a wonderful day playing and cuddling! I hope you all had a magical and blessed Christmas too!!

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