Oh how we loved you Christmas Tree of 2014!!


We trudged through the beautiful snow to find you with sheep in tow. My father had planted you back in the woods years ago, and we chose you with care, the boys sawed you down themselves and back to the house you were drug.


You were at first daunting as I thought of how I would ever decorate you to your full potential but it was a task I was willing to take on. I got out boxes of old ornaments, rifled through other home decor and party decorations, it took a whole evening of friends and family gathered around you hanging, wrapping and climbing ladders but before we knew it you were looking glorious!

You were the perfect place to take pictures and made everything a little more magical when you were in sight.

We played and imagined around you for countless hours through the month of December. So many wonderful memories were made and giggles and snuggles had in the room you filled.

Christmas came and you were a magnificent place to surround with gifts and love! You made Santa proud!

But as all good things must come to an end, you too had to be taken down, in your glory you were magnificent and made our Christmas season of 2014 extra magical!


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