The cutest planner and a makeshift desk space

I have been on the hunt for an adorable planner that could fulfill the many different hats I wear on a daily basis for sometime now with no luck. This year for Christmas my mom gave me the gift of a planner of my choice, she and I hunted and hunted for the perfect one and my wonderful mother found it! It is by and is the cutest planner you will ever see! I love it because it is also super functional; it has rings so you can move your pages round, it has a place for your pen, scissors and other small accessories as well as lots of spaces for being creative and cute! I got the personal size in mint leather. The quality is amazing and the size is perfect! I have added all sorts of cute envelopes, mini sticky pads, stickers and my own pictures! I am so glad to finally have a place I can put everything in one place, I tend to be one of those envelope/napkin note takers and never know where anything is. Now I am making myself keep everything right here to keep super organized!  Im pretty much in planner and heaven and loving it like a billion!

Kikki-k is based in Australia so we had to wait a few weeks for our new planners to arrive. While I waited I wanted to start the organizing process so I begin by setting up my desk space in the kitchen. I have a dedicated office upstairs but I have to have a place on the first floor that is my main in and out where I can work while still hanging out with the kids! I wanted it to be cute but organized so I used a lot of jars, boxes and buckets to help keep everything contained. It still needs a few touches but for now I’m pretty smitten with it!

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