Pearl the pig

Well let me start by saying isn’t she the cutest thing ever!! Our little Pearl is as sweet as she looks in these pictures! She has way more personality than I imagined and is way easier to care for than I thought she would be. She acts very much like a puppy, she gets excited and runs around and puts her head in the air every time you come by her pen and just loves to be near other pets or her family.


She does not like to be picked up, pigs are prey by nature so every time we pick her up she gets the fear that something is attacking her and she squeals and screams until you put her down! In the beginning it was a little nerve-wracking but now that I’m used to it I know she will settle right down when her feat touch the ground!

She lives in a pack n play in our living room and loves to cuddle with blankets and stuffed animals! She buries herself under anything she can to sleep and usually just leaves a little nose or a little tail hanging out one end or the other! She eats a special pellet miniature pig food and goes to the bathroom on a pee pad in her pen. She occasionally misses accidentally so I change her blanket about every other day to keep things nice and clean. We have not had any problems with her being dirty or smelly at all.

We let her out to exercise and play several times a day, in the beginning she had quite a few accidents but now she hardly ever goes potty when she’s outside of her pen, occasionally if we have her out for a long period in a large room she will but for the most part she’s great! She loves to root around looking for little crumbs dropped on the floor and plays with little toys similar to a puppy. She also nips and nibbles like a little puppy and has pretty sharp teeth so you have to watch when she gets playing that she doesn’t get you on accident! She loves to be near you and always comes to where ever you are sitting on the floor to rub against you and check in. She’s not super cuddly when it’s playtime but still really loves attention and lots of petting! When she’s sleepy you can get more cuddles in. I think she is easier then a puppy and quieter. She is content to be in her pen when we are busy with things around the house but then loves to come out and socialize when we can play! She loves you to sit on the floor so she can climb all over you!

The kids love her and have so much fun watching run around! She is very calming for me, she makes me feel light and refreshed to be around, a little like a child to just enjoy her sweet little nature! We have been researching mini pigs for about 6 months and I was still unsure how I felt until we got her. Now I am sold and in love! She’s one of my favorite parts of the day and I can’t wait to see her become more apart of our little family!

With all of that being said I wanted to share a few facts so that you can all make a healthy educated decision on whether a pet pig is right for you!

1st we live on over 300 acres of land and have a barn and small hobby farm so if for some reason Pearl would become to large or to much trouble to live in our home she would have a happy, safe home right out in our barn that we watch everyday from our window. That is not our plan for Pearl, she is meant to be an indoor and then indoor outdoor during warmer weather pet but I know some of you had expressed worry as to what would happen if she out grew our home and I wanted to assure you that she will always have a safe place to reside here with us.

Pigs need exercise to stay healthy so if you live in a small apartment make sure you can take your pig on lots of walks to keep them happy and healthy!

Pearl is considered a Teacup Pig and is supposed to weigh between 20 and 30lbs full grown. This is the size we would love for her to stay but we will love her and take care of her even if she becomes 50 or 100lbs, make sure your commitment to your piggie friend is long term and not weight contingent. It is best to ask the full grown size of the piggie parents so that you have an idea of how big your pig will get.

We bought Pearl from a very sweet breeder by the new of Ny Teacup Piggies , I have included her website here incase you are interested in finding out more. She has been very helpful and sweet!

I hope this helps answer some of your questions, we are obviously just at the beginning of this adventure our self and will continue sharing information as we go!

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  • nickySo cute! Looks like you are taking great care of her.
    I love to hear you are committed no matter her adult size and have a plan for her if she gets big. I can not wait to follow along on your adventure.

  • DeniseActually, pigs are the smartest of pets. Smarter than a dog, by far. I think if a person has the commitment and room for the little pig (keeping in mind it will grow) then I think it makes a good choice.

  • katreenkaI’m glad you’ve made planned contingency plans because your six months worth of research should have told you that there really is no such breed as “teacup pigs” (that is a size–not a breed) and this is really a mini pot-bellied pig which averages 100-150 pounds, not 30 (unless they are underfed and malnourished–the smallest that it is healthy for them to be is 60 pounds. Although your pictures are adorable and I do envy you and your children’s enjoyment of raising Pearl the misconception about this type of animal has led many of them to be abandoned and Pearl’s very adorableness will lead many more to want pigs as pets that won’t understand what that entails.

  • PaigeWe have a indoor piggy also. We got her for our daughters 3rd birthday. She is such a joy in our family. Very intelligent. Ours uses a litter box we have in one of our rooms. She sleeps in our bathroom. We bought her from a breeder that said she was teacup and would only be 30lbs but she’s a healthy 90 and wouldn’t trade her for the world. She has become stubborn when it comes to when she thinks she wants something. We baby locked all the cabinets because she knows we keep food in them. We have found she loves loves loves crayons and markers and keep a tight hold on your Chapstick. Lol congrats on your addition I hope she continues to make you smile!

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