Confessions of a Popsicle Making Addict

Taking my popsicle making addiction to the next level!

What’s going to be your quarantine thing? The thing you look back on and remember having done over and over to help keep your sanity. For me, it will be popsicle making. I have become a bit popsicle obsessed during this quarantine and these are my popsicle making addict confessions!

I have always liked making popsicles, but this time at home has been the perfect time to pick up new hobbies and spend more time doing things we love. I have really loved diving into more popsicle making. My kids absolutely love popsicles, if given the chance they would eat them all day long!

Popsicles are really just the perfect thing to give kids. Whenever they don’t feel good, if they are hungry, if they are tired, if they have a booboo, they want a treat, they need a quick snack, the reasons are endless. They are perfect for any occasion and they are so much fun to make! It’s a perfect distraction for me during this time, but also my kids really enjoy them. I love watching them try all the new flavors I get to make!

I have a ton of popsicles molds, you can shop the molds here or on Amazon. I tend to make these in big batches because we go through them so quickly, but also to help stay stocked up. I tend to fill 3 or 4 popsicles molds, freeze them, pop them out and store them in an airtight container in the freezer. This way the kids can have multiple flavors of popsicles at a time. Right now we have Nutella, cranberry juice, strawberries and cream, and cookie dough popsicles. It has been awesome doing it this way, that way we always have popsicles and we can use the molds whenever we want!

I have been making popsicles for some time now so I have mastered the making of them. I have also discovered that it is so much easy to use wooden sticks instead of the plastic ones they come with. The kids tend to lose the plastic ones, or leave them outside, or accidentally throw them away. Having the wooden sticks is amazing, you can buy several hundred at a time and we don’t have to worry about saving them.

Currently, I am making popsicles about two days a week when I have time or I want to try a new recipe. We have gone through a ton of molds, some we love and some just didn’t work for us. The kids love the fun shaped molds, but our absolute favorite molds are the little tiny ones. This way they can grab one popsicle of one flavor and another of a different flavor if they want. The little popsicles are great, the kids tend to eat all of it. The larger molds the kids tend to waste part of them because they get distracted and put them down. Another great thing about them is they are really universal to any age. They are perfect for Claire, a teething baby, and also great for Noah!

I also really enjoy the mini’s myself because I very rarely eat a whole popsicle. I enjoy them when I just need a pop of chocolate, strawberry, or just want to try them.

We are going to be posting more popsicle recipes here on the blog soon! My plan is to post at least one or two new recipes a week for the next few weeks. Make sure you’re watching for the new recipes to come to sustain your popsicle addiction! This has been something that I have come to really enjoy during this time and I hope you enjoy reading about how I make the popsicles, the molds we use, and how we have been storing them.

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