Claire’s Adoption Story: Part One

While we were waiting to be matched with Claire we saw quite a few profiles of potential birth mamas. We submitted to one and weren’t chosen and we passed up several other situations that we didn’t feel called to present to, but when Claire’s birth mothers profile came to my inbox I felt such a strong connection.

I was home with the kids and Phil was at work when the email came through. I started reading it and right away had a feeling. Each birth mother gets to write things they are interested in and also things that are important to her in a match, Claire’s mama wrote that she wanted someone who loved animals and being outdoors! Could that be any more our family, I think not! I was so excited and felt this immediate connection to her as I read on. There are so many things listed in a profile such as personal health issues, past children, pregnancy info and more. It’s all so overwhelming and when I came to the part that shared that there was drug use involved I immediately felt a sting. We had never prepared ourself for going down the path of a birth mom who was using drugs, neither Libby or Finn’s birth mothers had used drugs so we never even had to think about it. I immediately forwarded the profile to Phil and said “I feel a connection to this mama but if you don’t feel comfortable with the whole situation I will just let it go, take a look and let me know how you feel.”

It was a long rest of the day waiting for Phil to get home from work and get the kids fed and ready for bed so that he and I could talk things over. I asked him if he had had time to read over the profile and what he was thinking. He said he did and that he was doing some research about the specific drugs being used and that there were no definitive answers. He said she could be born perfectly fine without any problems at all or she could suffer from withdrawal symptoms and possibly other minor symptoms through her life. This was such a huge decision so we agreed to each individually pray about it and talk again the next day after we both had some time to digest things.

The next day we texted back and forth while Phil was at work, I was a complete ball of emotions and only had a few close friends and family that I felt comfortable sharing our situation with. Phil and I discussed different scenarios and ultimately felt called to put it all completely in Gods hands. He had given us three beautiful, healthy happy children already so how could we question Him now. If He had allowed this profile to come to our inbox there was a reason and we were going to be all in and follow through with trusting that He knew the exact baby meant for our family.

So that night we excitedly filled out all the needed paperwork, got our profile book and the paperwork all together in an envelope and Phil dropped it at the post office the next day on none other then Valentine’s Day! That’s right baby girl your story is a true story of love!

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