Cinnamon Roll Milkshake Recipe

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I have a really fun milkshake recipe for you today and this is something any cereal eater will love! We are all cereal lovers in this house and cinnamon toast crunch has always been a favorite! The kids share my love for it too. You all know how much I love to make these special drinks, well a little secret I’m not very good at making milkshakes. For some reason, I could never get making a milkshake down. One of my good friends reached out and said ” You need to try this cinnamon roll milkshake it is amazing!”

A while ago we had posted a fruity pebbles milkshake recipe and I never realized you could soak cereal to get a yummy base for a milkshake. It’s just so genius because you don’t want the soggy or weird texture from the cereal itself in the milkshake. This cinnamon roll milkshake is definitely a bit time-consuming, but the end result is so worth it! It is sweet and has a ton of flavor!

If your kiddos like cinnamon toast crunch I highly suggest making this fun cinnamon roll milkshake with them! Make sure you let the cereal soak for a few hours in the fridge in your milk. This way it gets a ton of flavor and when you are ready just strain it out.

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This cinnamon roll milkshake is going to be a huge hit this holiday season! We love to make cinnamon rolls and this is a great alternative to get that yummy cinnamon roll flavor. During the holidays we love to have little themed parties and this would be perfect for a Santa or Grinch party!

I hope you enjoy this flavorful recipe and make one for yourself! If you end up making our yummy cinnamon roll milkshake make sure to let us know!

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