We had an Early Christmas Surprise: Kittens!

We had an early Christmas surprise the other weekend! If you follow us on Instagram you have probably seen all the foster kitties we have had in the past. Usually, when we have foster kittens lined up we have time to get ready for them. We usually get a week or two notice so we can get all the essentials for them! Not this time, we had about an hour’s notice.

A few days before these two foster kitties happened Libby had been going around telling everyone how she wanted a kitten. Anyone who would come over she would tell them she wants a kitten for Christmas. She had asked if she could have a kitten for Christmas and I thought it was so crazy since we already have a ton of cats! She was missing fostering the kitties, she just loves when we get new foster kitties. Then only a few days later I get a message from a friend saying she found a kitten!

A good friend of ours, Megan had some stray cats living under her house. She had been feeding them for about two weeks when she peaked out the window the one time and saw a kitten was eating with them. She then peaked out another time and saw another kitten had joined them. There was an orange and grey kitten with three adult cats. She knew she couldn’t just leave the kittens out with the declining temperatures, but if you have ever tried to catch a feral cat it is not easy!

It took a few hours for her to catch the orange kitten. Once she did that is when she messaged me asking if we could foster the little one. We only had an hour to prepare, but we knew we couldn’t say no to this sweet little kitty. I didn’t tell any of the kids yet that she was bringing it over so it would be a surprise. When she arrived carrying a tote, all the kids were confused and asked what was in it. She opened it up and Libby’s face just lit up like it was Christmas. Her Christmas wish came a little early and she got a sweet kitten to love on!

It took about two days for her to finally catch the grey kitten. The adult cats had stopped letting it come out, then finally one day it came out and she was able to grab it! We had brought the grey kitten home and reunited it with the orange one and they actually acted like complete strangers. They wouldn’t go near one another and it took a day or two for them to finally warm up to each other again.

The orange kitten only took two or three days for it to warm up to all of us and start to purr. He now runs around the house playing and has really taken to our dog Winnie! The grey kitten is taking a bit longer to adjust. He is still very hissy but lets us hold him and love him. We try to hold him at any free time so he can get used to us, but it’s just taking a little longer for him to adjust. Feral cats need time to adjust and it takes lots of love and patience, luckily we have a ton of that to go around!

Make sure you follow us on Instagram @livesweet to stay updated on these sweet babies stories! I will be sharing about them in my stories and keeping everyone updated! You can also check out some photos of our other foster kittens right here.

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