Here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick, chick

We got baby chicks last week! They are so, so cute and so photogenic right now!! We got nine of them and they are all doing well and growing so fast! We are so excited for them to be pecking around the barn yard and laying eggs!! Our farm is growing, growing and I love it!

The chicks are currently residing in my office, since we have such great natural light up there I have been having tons of fun photographing them in all different adorable places!!

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Noah of course loves holding the chicks and I am sure Libby would to but we all know how that would end! She does however love to take us up to check on them several times a day and she brings everyone new who comes to the house up to them too!

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So I hope by now you are freaking out at how adorable these are too!! They are almost to much to handle right?!? I think I need to photograph them with like everything I have just to make my stuff look cuter! Who wouldn’t buy something with a chick in the picture right!

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Their feathers are already starting to change and I know they are going to be heading into that awkward chick phase so I need to photograph them as much as possible, hopefully I can stay inspired to try some other cute and fun ideas with them, so stay tuned!!

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  • CaitlinThat is so adorable! We got chicks this year, too. They are so fun!

  • LindseyThanks so much Caitlin! They are super cute!!