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We would like to introduce today’s artist Natalie from Vanilla Bean BabyEek aren’t these just the cutest little leggings and oh my goodness they are made of the softest material ever! I want a pair Natalie, do you make these in adult sizes lol! I could so see myself lounging around the house in these adorable Strawberry leggings being oh so comfy!! These cute leggings are so well made and look just adorable on Libby, I’m just crazy about the extra detail with the polka dot top to these pants, it really makes them extra special! I love that I can add just a simple shirt and she looks just so sweet and ready for anything! I’m thinking she is going to have to wear these to the strawberry patch this year, I know they will not stay white but can you imagine the pictures I will get!?!

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What’s your favorite sweet treat?: Creme Brulee, there’s something about the texture of the creamy custard combined with the crunchy sugar on top. It makes me swoon.

What is your favorite time of day to create?: Late at night when I am the only one awake and it’s nice and quiet in the house so I can concentrate.

What’s your favorite holiday?: I love Christmas and Halloween is a close second. They’re both so much fun!

What color describes your personality best?: Red, I tend to be drawn to warm colors and I like to think I am a warm and nurturing person. Hopefully others would agree!

What makes your life sweeter?: My two little boys, they are my world!

Why do you create what you create?: I enjoy designing and making things. I have a fashion design degree and was especially drawn to children’s clothing. I have two boys but I’ve always loved girly things so this is my outlet for that.

What are 3 of your favorite Etsy Shops?: TrafalgarsSquare, SweetFlutters, NestPrettyThings

I am a stay at home mom and I have two sweet little boys, besides creating things for my Etsy shop I love to bake and cook for my husband and kiddos. I have wanted to open an Etsy store for awhile so I could share my ideas and creations with the world as I am constantly designing and coming up with new ideas. I can’t wait to add more creations to my store, but as much fun as designing is my favorite job is being a mother and everything else is just the icing on the cake!

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Photography By Live Sweet / Posted in collaboration with Vanilla Bean Baby; all views are my own

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