Celebrating Miss Libby’s 7th Birthday

I cannot believe my precious Libby turned seven-years-old this year! My February baby has grown up so much. It’s amazing to see how she’s blossoming into a beautiful young lady. We have shared so many special memories together since the day she entered my world. I still vividly remember her birth like it was yesterday. I was standing in a room with a woman I hardly knew, holding her hand as Libby entered our world. As the nurses prepared to hand her to me and my eyes were fixed on her delicate frame, I remember my heart swelling up with joy at the very sight of her. I’ll never forget the moment I first held my baby girl. It still brings me to tears. Two moms were brought together on that special day because God had a purpose for my sweet girl. God made Libby for me and she has made me the happiest mama in the world.

For Libby’s birthday I decided to do something special. I took a tradition I do for Christmas called a ‘Display Christmas’ and created a birthday version.  I decorated the upstairs loft and put up a beautiful display of banners, gifts, balloons and more in honor of her special day. Libby loves when I do a display Christmas and she was so surprised to see her birthday done the same way!  She loved coming up and seeing everything decorated in the morning and couldn’t help but take in every detail.  Everyone helped out with some part of the decorations and made everything so pretty and fun for her.

We had a wonderful day celebrating our sweet girl. We had a small gathering at home where I invited some of her closest friends and family over for lunch and birthday cake. After we ate to our hearts content Libby spent the rest of her day playing with her new toys until dinner time.  Libby loves the birthday song. So much so, that she asked if we could sing the song again as we gathered around the table to eat.  This was such a cute request that we couldn’t help but fulfill her birthday wish!  We sang loud and proud for her one more time and put the biggest smile on her face.  Libby had so much fun this year. She enjoyed every moment of her birthday. I feel truly blessed to be apart of making her day so special.  

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