Easter Sweets Tray

Scrolling through Instagram or even Pinterest I tend to always stop dead in my scroll when I see these Sweet Trays. They are always just so gorgeous, full of color, and instantly just make me want to make one. 

This past summer we decided to make one for a fun little get together we had outside. It turned out amazing and was such a huge hit that I couldn’t wait for another opportunity to make one. What better time than Easter? I was super excited to go shopping for this because let’s be real finding pastel foods is my jam!

For our Easter Sweets Tray I used:

  • Strawberry wafer cookies
  • Cookie Dough Truffles (one of our previous recipes)
  • Yogurt covered raisins 
  • Blue pearl candies (Sixlets brand)
  • Jelly beans
  • Freeze-dried mangos
  • Coconut chips
  • Mini vanilla wafers
  • Dove chocolate eggs
  • White cheddar goldfish
  • Homemade Bunny Butts (recipe below)
  • Hershey’s chocolate eggs
  • Chocolate chicks
  • Cadbury shimmer and pastel mini eggs
  • Animal crackers
  • Sprinkles
  • Candy duckies 
  • Cotton candy peeps
  • Easter Hershey kisses
  • Chocolate carrots 
  • North Pole marshmallow twists 

You can obviously use whatever your family likes in these trays. Placement and getting everything to stay is always a challenge but in the end it is all worth it. Just look at how beautiful it turned out!! I would love to see your trays so I can get some inspiration for our next one! Tag us in your posts on Instagram @livesweet and use the hashtag #livesweetrecipes for a chance to be featured in our stories! 

Homemade Bunny Butts:

Take hard pretzels and lay them out in a tray on top of parchment paper. The bigger the pretzels the better. Then melt down some white chocolate, we used Sweet Tooth Fairy White chocolate melts for this. 

Once melted spoon into the middle of the pretzel, about half a spoon full of chocolate or until the center is covered. 

Then take your bunny feet( we used Wilton’s) and put them on towards the bottom so they hang over the pretzel.

Then give it a tail, we used Sixlets brand chocolate pearls for the pink tail. Then let them harden before moving them.

Pin this idea for later!

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