Caring for Sensitive Baby Skin in the Winter

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Who’s the cutest baby bunny? Finny is!! He has always been my bunny lover, always so curious and excited when he sees our bunnies, so dressing him up like a bunny is my favorite! He’s twinning in his bunny costume with Hop, the Cetaphil Baby bunny, which is too cute. I kind of want to just eat him up in this costume, can he please just live in it?! 

Fall is in full force here, which I am so excited about as it’s a favorite season of mine. We are all hoodies and apple picking and donuts and cuddling under blankets! We’ve got the heat turned on, which I love, but I hate the dry skin it brings along with it. Finny has proven to have just as sensitive skin if not more so than the rest of my babies. I hate to see him uncomfortable with dry skin for even just for a minute, so I’m thankful for Cetaphil Baby’s amazing, soothing and moisturizing baby lotions, specially formulated for baby’s delicate skin! At the first sign of dry skin, a little extra Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion clears things right up and he is back to his soft and sweet baby self. Now that the harsh winter weather is just around the corner, we will start to lotion the kids daily to keep their skin nice and moisturized and feeling oh so soft for us and comfortable for them! I also love that Cetaphil Baby products are hypoallergenic, paraben-, and colorant-free, giving our sweet babes’ delicate skin only the best! Who wouldn’t want their babies’ skin as soft as a baby bunny?

Now I can enjoy these beautiful cooler months without having to worry about dry skin and we can get back to cookie baking, jumping in leaf piles and cuddling up for movie nights!!

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