Friendship is a blessing

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I have been blessed by so many wonderful friends in my life. We go through different times in our lives where different friends play a role in who we become. I have had the honor to have so many amazing friends but today I’d love to share about my sweet friend Julie who supported me so much during our adoption with Libby.

As many of you know adoption can be such a lonely place and having someone to listen to all the little and big pieces even though they don’t understand it is huge. Julie was one of those people for me, always so supportive and there to listen whenever I needed her, but the thing that meant the most to me was that Julie made the trip down to Florida while we were waiting for Miss Libby to arrive and stayed with us. She was there to stay with Noah at our rental home when Libby was born and helped us welcome our precious girl into the family. She was such an encouragement to me during some of the most joyous and hardest days in my life and for that I will forever be thankful for her!

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