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Hi there, I’m Amy J! I’m a mama to five kiddos, illustrator, and lover of all things creative, pastel, and pretty!   I’ve been illustrating and designing pretty things for the past 8 plus years.

I’m also a list maker.

I love trying to be organized (emphasis on the word ‘trying’).  And if you’re anything like me, sometimes my brain gets jumbled with all the things I need to do…all the things I want to do… all the things I SHOULD do.   I’ve got ideas, ambitions, and responsibilities bouncing around my head every single day!  So I created two printable lists that help me deal.  Maybe they’ll help you to!

The first is a pretty basic to-do list… It’s designed as a full 8.5 x 11 inch sheet so that you can just FILL IT UP with all the mess in your brain!  I use this list to jot down anything and everything that comes to mind… regardless of what category it falls into.  It could be something really important or simply a fun idea.

to do list printable

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The second is a smaller (5.5 x 8.5 inch)  daily page to to help organize your tasks in order of priority.  It has different sections for spiritual/health, family, home/chores, goals/projects, fun, and misc.

to do list

Click image to Download Daily To Do List

So daily you can take your big jumbled to-do list and fill in each category on the daily priority list! I like to keep my big to-do list on a clip board somewhere central in my home so I can quickly write down random things that come to mind.  For the daily priority page, I like to print a whole bunch at a time and keep them on my desk so that each day I have one ready to fill out!

I hope you enjoy them and find them as useful as I do!
Amy J.

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