Travel Buddy DIY

Planning a trip some time soon (without your littles)? Eric and I love to plan numerous family vacations throughout the year, but we also make sure to squeeze one in for just the two of us. Ahh, I have cried my eyes out so many times before boarding our plane, just missing my baby and feeling terrible.
We decided to get creative and do something fun, that would help prevent those tears. We call this Our Travel Buddy. Khaleesi creates a self portrait of herself and decorates it however she’d like. We pack it up, and take it along on our adventure. Khaleesi’s favorite part is when we get back home and are able to show her the photographs we captured of her self portrait at our destination. She gets so excited! She always asks where we were in each photo and is so happy just to see her picture art work there. Such an awesome way to tell her about our trip!
Here are a few step by steps on how to create your travel buddy with your littles:
travel buddy
  • Girl or Boy cut out (available at Michaels in a 10 pack for only $1.99)
  • Felt
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Stickers
  • Any supplies you’d like to use! Get creative!
  • Draw face on cutout
  • Create clothes, shoes, hair, accessories, etc for your travel buddy (Khaleesi loves to look in her closet and think what she would wear on this vacation and then creates it on the felt)
  • Glue felt pieces onto cutout
  • Add stickers, glitter, etc.

Have Fun!

travel buddy finished

All done and ready for vacation!
Hi loves! I’m Mairim. I am a photographer in sunny South Florida, engaged to my love, Eric, and mama to our 4 year old daughter, Khaleesi (any game of thrones fans in here? ). We love traveling and seeing the world, but wedding planning has taken over the last few months. We are a little under 6 months from our wedding day and then prepping for our next adventure, PARIS. I am so excited to share travel tips, DIY’s, fun activities, and so much more with all of you.
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