And their names are….

Oh my goodness I am so sorry that took so long! Names have always been tough for me to choose, but I can usually narrow it down pretty quickly and make a decision but these babies were just so hard for me to decide on. I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who shared name ideas, it was seriously so fun to read through all of your name ideas and I may have even stashed a few away for future baby name possibilities.

So after lots of list making and back and forth and spending time watching our donkey babies to see what I felt would fit them best I have decided on, drum roll please… Millie and Milo!!! I love short names and I love names that go that start with the same letter when I’m naming a mama and baby pair. Mama so looks like a Millie to me, a sweet old fashion girl, a wonderful little mama who’s just happy to care for her baby and mosey her way through life bringing joy to others. Our little guy needed a sweet little name, he is pure joy, cozy as the day is long and fills me up to to the brim with his sweet personality. I have always loved the name Milo and it seems to fit him quite well.

So there we are, a wonderful start to the weekend with our sweet Millie and Milo who we will share many wonderful adventures with I am sure. We are falling more and more in love with them each day and they already feel like they’ve been a part of our fuzzy critter family forever, like what did we ever do before we had donkeys?!

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  • PattySuch wonderful names!!  Good job!