Our Sweet Simon Kitty

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all mine.


You all know how animal obsessed we are around here! My love for animals started when I was just a little girl with my first two pets. They were kittens that I got for my birthday when I was just little. I, of course, fell madly in love and have been a sucker for anything fuzzy ever since. Every birthday and Christmas I would beg my parents for some  new fuzzy critter to love and care for. I loved getting to be their little mama and nurture them while getting lots of love and snuggles in return. My animals have always been some of my best friends, always there to listen and comfort me through all of life’s ups and downs. I love that I now get to share my love for animals with my kiddos. Seeing each of them create sweet relationships with each of our pets makes my mama heart so happy and proud. I also love getting to include the kids on all the animal care. It’s a lot of work and responsibility to care for a pet and it’s awesome to get to help teach them so many valuable life lessons such as respect, hard work and unconditional love from such a young age. 

Anyone who has ever had a cat knows how much love they can bring to a family. I’ve been lucky enough to have several sweet kitties in my life and love them all for each of their fun and different personalities. Simon is the softie of our kitty family, always meowing every time he sees us and jumping up for some cuddles. He loves to sleep in the silliest places and we will often find him napping the afternoon away in the kids’ crochet swing or lodged in between a pile of pillows on a bed somewhere. He sneaks in bed with us any chance he can get and always purrs away when he’s right next to us. Simon is so sweet and gentle with each of the kids, Libby loves to dance with him and he just leans into her. Noah loves playing with him with his toys, especially feathers on a stick, they will run all through the house having fun together and Finn loves to pet his super soft fur, which is just the cutest. 

We adopted Simon when he was just a kitten. Our friends cat had, had kittens and we went to visit them every day

Our cats bring us so much joy and keep us smiling all day long so we love when we get to spoil them with some of their favorites like the convenient, new Meow Mix Simple Servings with Real tuna and Salmon in Sauce. Simple Servings come in cute little packages perfect for one feeding so there’s no waste or having to come up with a way to store them after opened. They come in three great flavors all kitties will love: Real Tuna and Salmon in Sauce; Real Tuna, Shrimp & Whitefish in Sauce; and Real Chicken and Turkey in Gravy. I love knowing I’m giving something healthy and delicious to my sweet kitties and they love the taste! We picked up our Meow Mix Simple Servings at our local Walmart, the kids loved going shopping with me and helping pick out special food for the kitties. I love that Simple Servings are easy enough for the kids to open and feed them. Wet food has always been a bit of a bother to serve and store but now with Simple Servings there’s no fuss and no mess which I love. Visit meomixsample.com to find out more!

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