Live Sweet Adoption Sponsorship Family: September Parks Family

We are so excited to introduce you to the family that Live Sweet will be sponsoring during the month of September from the sales of our Sweetie dolls!! A portion of the proceeds from each Sweetie sold during September will go to this sweet family who is in the process of adopting these two beautiful girls from China. I am so excited and honored to get to play a part in bringing them home and I hope that you will join me! Adoption is quite the journey but the process can bless so many people not just the children being adopted or the families doing the adopting! I love that we can come together as a community no matter where we live and support sweet families and children like these below! Please join us on Instagram @livesweetshop and @livesweetphotography this coming Thursday at 8pm EST to purchase a Sweetie or two for someone you love and also help these little girls join their forever family!

Love Live Sweet

Here is a little bit about the Parks family and their adoption:

We have 3 children by birth ages 23,19 & 16. We have never felt finished parenting. I have always felt drawn to China so we began looking at list after list of children. One day I came across a little girl and fell in love! I just knew she was our daughter, but we did not have a home study yet so we couldn’t be matched. So we got busy with paperwork and suddenly she was gone from the list. We were so sad and mourned for her. Then one day I saw a little girl on Facebook who was being advocated for. She had her hand on her hip and I just knew! We found out she is 13 and deaf. We started the process for our Lydia…..but I never forgot the first little girl who stole my heart. Then a few months later on Valentines’s Day I got a phone call – our other little girl was found! She was still available and being held for our family! So our one girl became two! I truly believe God had it all planned! If our Maggie, who is 8 years old, had not gone off the list, we never would have found Lydia! We feel so blessed!

We have been busy fundraising since the total for both girls is about 54K. We have 24K left to go….as you know it’s exhausting and scary but we keep plugging along! Thank you so much for your support!

Tina & Kent Parks


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  • amyLove seeing the pictures and hearing a little story! I will be praying for this family this month!!