The last day, before the first day

It’s the last day of just being little and free, before the first day of school begins. Tomorrow this little man starts kindergarten and begins a journey I never thought would come so soon! It is all to true that time flys when you are having fun and I never would have imagined that my first little baby would be starting school in what seems like a blink of an eye! I am happy to say that he couldn’t be anymore ready, he is a social butterfly and loves to learn and keep busy so I know he will do wonderfully! I am so excited for him and know within just a few weeks this new routine of school life will become comfortable and normal just as if it had always been. There however is a piece of me breaking inside right now as I know things will never quite be the same anymore. It’s the end of a season that was my most favorite season of my life so far and that is so hard to say goodbye to. I’m writing this today because I know I won’t have it in me tomorrow. Tomorrow will be excitement and survival and happy and sad tears for missing of what was, but being joyful of what’s to come! I know so many of you are in the same boat as me and can understand so that is why I am sharing and I send a big momma hug to each one of you who has gone through this and will be going through it in the future! With love, Lindsey

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