A wipe for everything!

This blog post is sponsored by pampers but all words and ideas are my own.

A moms job is never done and never without messes, lol, am I right?! If you are anything like me you use wipes in every room of your house for every little and big mess, from bottoms to faces, and had been searching forever for one wipe that could do it all, and I’m thrilled to say I found it! I could not be more thrilled with Pampers Aqua Pure Wipes, they are 99% pure water and a touch of premium cotton so I feel great using them on everyone and everything throughout my home! The cotton in them is seriously the softest I’ve felt in any wipe I’ve used.

I have wipes in literally every room in our home! I keep them in the bathroom for both bathroom clean up, makeup removal (I love how gentle they are on my and Libby’s skin while still doing a great job removing our makeup!) and for tushy clean up on all non-diaper users! I keep them in my office to clean up things like glitter and glue and everything else crafty I’m working on. I keep a pack in the car for sticky hands, diaper changes on-the-go and any other car clean-up we may come across. I love using them for pet clean up and knowing that there isn’t anything harmful or irritating in them that will bother our furry babies. They make wiping up spills off tables and floors and wiping down counters a breeze. 

I also love that I can just tell the kids to grab a wipe and clean themselves or a spill up when I’m busy with the baby, it’s so nice to know that they are safe and easy for them to use anytime, anywhere! Having one wipe to do it all really is a lifesaver for this mama and I always feel prepared for whatever messes come our way when we have the house stocked with Pampers Aqua Pure Wipes!

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