Flossie’s Puppies get their names!

Flossie’s puppies have already brought us so much joy this past week! They turned one week old yesterday and it was finally time to name our sweet new babies! She had four boys and three girls and they all have such pretty coloring! We weigh them each morning and evening and Libby helps me each time, she cheers for the puppies each time they gain weight and lines them up in her legs to cuddle them each morning. We take turns hugging and kissing them and talk about how much fun they will be when they open their eyes and start playing. Seven puppies and a mama dog is a lot of work but the memories that go along with it are some that I wouldn’t trade for anything! Libby couldn’t wait to help name the babies and couldn’t wait to share the names with all of you so here they are!!

Introducing puppy boy Taffy!
Introducing puppy boy Caramel!
Introducing puppy boy Cocoa!
Introducing puppy boy Sprinkles!
Introducing puppy girl Lolli!
Introducing puppy girl Tootsie!
Introducing puppy girl Sugar!

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