World Changers

The fall is such a beautiful time here! We have been enjoying lots of walks with our critters and playing in the leaves! I love the smell of the crisp air and the crunch of the leaves. It’s such a refreshing time. Then we come inside and drink hot chocolate and cuddle on the couch. The summer was both a good and very difficult one for us and I am so thankful to be in this new season of life right now. My heart is full and happy and I’m feeling more content and so joyful for all the blessings in our life!

These two children of ours are something magical! Camp Light Apparel sent them these shirts and they couldn’t be anymore perfect for them. I know they are both meant to do amazing things, change the world and be brave along the way. They both have such huge hearts and love like I can’t even explain. They are both so excited for their new little brother coming and are embracing the miracle of adoption right along side of us even though it’s hard for them to understand and they can’t see the baby yet they both have such beautiful love for him already. I am loving watching them grow closer and closer to each other during this time in their lives and can’t wait to see how their sweet bond of two quickly turns to a wonderful bond of three. This thing we call family is rocking my world and I’m oh so joyful because of it!


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