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Working from home can be quite an adjustment for some who aren’t used to it. During this time a lot of people had to start working from home and it’s kind of a shock to your system. A lot of people think it’s going to be so great, they can make their own schedule, they will be able to get more done around the house, they can just lounge around, and so much more. In reality, it’s a bit more complicated than that and yes there are many advantages to working from home but you need to fall into a routine, otherwise, nothing will get done.

I have been working from home for about 6 years or more now, so I have gotten pretty good at it! Trying to stay in a routine can be challenging sometimes because not every day is going to be the same. Different events can happen from day to day and not everything goes as planned. That’s something to remember is not every day is going to go as you planned so don’t beat yourself up about it!

Over the past six years I myself have struggled to find a routine that works for me, but one day I just fell into one that worked. I am extremely blessed to run my own business so I get to make my own schedule, but even that can change. I made an office upstairs that is away from everyone so I can concentrate on my work. This is very important to have your own space that you won’t get interrupted in. I also believe filling this space with thing you enjoy is important. Mine is full of my favorite candy, snuggle blankets, Live Sweet products, fun accessories, a gorgeous view, fuzzy critters, and of course comfy chairs! I need to be comfortable when I work so I got a few different comfy chairs for the office that I love!

Working from your bed is not a good idea. There has actually been a ton of research about working from your bed. It can cause back problems, trouble staying focus, and can also give you problems falling asleep at night. So it is best to find a space that is not your bed. Create a space that is nice and cozy and that you enjoy being in.

Another great place to work from is outside. Set up an outside seating area that is cozy and that you love! I love in the Summertime working outside, it’s just great to get some fresh air, but to also get out of the office every once in a while. Getting some fresh air can be very beneficial, it can help you concentrate better but also help your creativity flow!

Creating a routine for working from home is important. Just like if you were going to work you need to set a time you are going to start working at. I chose 9-5 just like most businesses. I think setting a time gets you up and moving, but also helps you get stuff done and helps you to stop putting it off.

I am also a strong believer in rewarding yourself. When I am working on a project and I finally finish it I believe you should reward yourself. This could be a treat (this is my go-to), going for a walk, read a chapter of your book, scroll through social media for 10-15 minutes, whatever you enjoy! Just make sure you keep whatever this treat is around a 15-20 minute break otherwise it’s going to be very hard to focus again! I’m not saying treat yourself after every little thing you finish, but after working on something for 3-4 hours then I would say reward yourself! Taking breaks here and there is important too, just to give yourself some time to recuperate and get yourself back in motion.

It’s all about finding what works for you and what you enjoy. I love having cute stuff in my office, having a view of the lake, rewarding myself after finishing something, starting work at a certain time, having a drink next to you, setting a specific time you want things done, and also making time for other things like you kids or going and playing with the animals. I really hope this helps some of you that are struggling to find what is working for you! I would love to hear about your routine, comment below!

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