Winter Fun on the Lake

winter fun on the lake

One of my favorite things to do in the winter is a seasonal tradition! We take our family outside for ice skating and sledding on the lake! There is a beautiful lake right outside our house. Every year it freezes over making it the perfect environment for winter games. Every year as I was growing up, my parents would hold a huge party. They would invite a bunch of family and friends over for the weekend. We would spend days enjoying the wintry afternoons.

When the lake was thick enough, they would host cookouts. Everyone would have so much fun being out on the lake that iced over and playing in the snow. My father would take my siblings and me outside, while mom would make delicious hot chocolate for when we returned. I am so fond of these childhood memories and love being able to give my children the same experiences. 

Each season brings a new and wonderful collection of memories for us as a family. We have cold winters and really hot summers. As I watch the seasons change, it produces a deep sense of gratefulness in my heart for having the privilege of sharing these same moments with my children. The lake took a little longer than usual to freeze over this year. We experienced some extended warm weather from the fall. Noah and Phil would go out and test the lake every day. It was a surprise to find that It took until mid-January for everything to fully freeze over.

Once the boys came back with a good report, we got all bundled up to meet on the ice! On an early Saturday afternoon, my husband and I gathered the kids and headed out with all our snow gear. I ran around with Claire while Noah and Phil skated and pulled the Finny and Libby on the sled. It is such fun creating these memories with my little ones. Knowing that my kids are living the same wonderful life that I experienced when I was young is heartwarming. 

House on the lake

Another one of the things I enjoy when we’re out playing is the beautiful view of our home. I can only snap a full photo of our house when I’m on the frozen lake or on a boat. Capturing these moments on camera is so important for me. I want to remember the sweet time I had with my children. Seeing them enjoy the simple pleasures that winter brings is such a joy.

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