When Claire Met Poppy!

I love celebrating each one of my kids and watching them create special bonds with furry animal friends. The day Claire and Poppy first met was one of the sweetest moments to remember. I couldn’t wait to see how Claire and Poppy would react to one another. I wondered if Claire would be interested in meeting her first mini pig. This would be her first time being around a baby pig and I only hoped that they would have a similar bond to Libby and Pearl when they first met. 

When Claire caught her first glimpse of Poppy her eyes lit up with curiosity and she was all smiles as she became more acquainted with her new little friend. My heart was so full of joy seeing Claire and Poppy play together for the first time. I felt like I was watching the story of Libby and Pearl unfold again. It has been four years since we adopted Pearl. There is nothing sweeter than seeing a beautiful bond form between a girl and piggy. 

Claire is so in love with Poppy. It’s the cutest thing to watch them play and follow each other around the house. Claire loves to try and give Poppy kisses and gets so excited whenever she’s around.  She giggles and gets so excited when she spends time with Poppy! I love to watch how they interact with each other!

They really do have so much fun together and Poppy definitely keeps Claire entertained throughout the day. It’s the sweetest sight to see their precious little relationship grow.  I know they’re going to be the best of friends!

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