What is it like having a pet pig?

What is it Like Having a Pet Pig?

Pet pigs have become quite a trend the last few years.  People love the adorable snouts and cute little tails.  But what is it really like to have a pet pig?  What is the care like?  And what resources are out there to support pig families?

What is it really like?

Many people think that a pig is like a dog or cat.  Pigs are nothing like either animal.  They are more like a toddler that needs attention, training, loving discipline, and affection.  Pigs feel emotion and have moods just like a toddler.  They need to be watched because like a child they can get into things or get hurt.

Pigs are herd animals and need to be kept in their proper place, so they don’t try and take over the family herd.  If they are spoiled, they tend to get very bossy and entitled.

To keep your pig in its proper place, it’s important that they look to their family as their leaders. It takes work and consistency. But it is so worth it because a well-trained, obedient pig is a joy to be around.

What is the Care of a Pig Like?

Pigs need to have a space to call their own.  That can be a large crate, a small fenced in area, or room.  It needs to be enough space for a bed, litter box (while they are young), a few toys and blankets.  A comfortable area so they can be penned up while you cannot be watching them.

Our pigs go to the vet once a year unless they get sick or hurt suddenly.  While there, they are given a checkup, vaccinated, and males have their tusks trimmed.  You should also have the option of getting their hooves trimmed.  If you do not have that option, you can contact a farrier that works with pigs or do it yourself.  It is not as intimidating as it seems.  There are many videos on YouTube that show you how to do it.  The key is starting when your pig is young so they can understand that they will not be hurt.

Pet Pig Resources

When I got my first pig, seventeen years ago, there were extraordinarily little resources out there for pig families.  Today, the internet has allowed pig owners to connect and share their experiences.  It is so important to take advantage of these resources BEFORE getting a pet pig.  But no amount of research is going to perfectly prepare you.  So, what do you do when you run into challenges?  Unfortunately, there are not many people who have enough experience to coach pig families through these challenges and behavioral issues.  Knowing this has caused me to step up and fill that position. 

I have had pigs for a long time, and I have seen it all.  With no one to help me, I have had to figure many things out for myself through trial and error.  I do not want others to have to do that.  Over the last three years, I have been building a platform so that I can reach pig families.  On my website I offer different kinds of consultations where I talk personally to families and help them address their pig’s issues.  I also use my blog, Instagram feed, Facebook feed, and YouTube videos to educate potential and current pig families. 

My favorite way to help pig families is my Autumn Acres Educational Pig Group on Facebook.  In this group, I am working to build a community of pig owners and lovers.  It is designed like a course with monthly units that touch on every subject a pig owner should understand well.  I love giving away cool prizes too!

In Conclusion

Pigs are highly intelligent animals.  They make wonderful pets when their family understands how they think. I am so passionate about educating and supporting each pig family so that their experience with their pig is a great one.  If you have a pet pig or would like to know what else is involved with having a pet pig, please follow me on social media to learn more.

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