Libby’s Sweet Bunny Lily!

Back in February was Libby’s 8th birthday and we wanted to make it extra special this year! We decided to surprise her with her own bunny Lily! She has always helped take care of the other bunnies but we wanted one that was just for her that she could call hers! We picked up a brand new cage for her got some accessories that she would love and surprised her with her own bunny!

She came up with the name Lily all on her own and she was so excited! Lily is a holland lop and she is such a beautiful bunny. We created a fun little space for her to play in we call it “The bunny playroom”. This way Libby can go in and get her out and they have a little fenced-in area to play in! We got a bunch of fun toys and snacks for her to have.

I love the responsibility it is teaching Libby, it’s teaching her how to take care of and love her own pet! It’s such a great learning experience for kids to take care of animals it shows how much work goes into it and that they rely on us!

I often get asked what age is best for having a bunny and really bunnies are great for all ages! It all depends on the child as long as they are willing to help you and you are willing to help them then I think they are ready! I always check and make sure she has food and water, I help her clean her cage when she needs it. It’s a great bonding experience and a great way to learn responsibility.

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  • Pam WinterSooo sweet & adorable. Bless you❣️

  • LindseyAww thank you!