Welcome to the playroom!

The playroom is finally done! Hooray! I’m so in love with this room. Until now this has always been my least favorite room in the house that always collected junk and never really served a big purpose. I love when you can turn a room around like this, it’s so rewarding. I think playrooms are my favorite to decorate, everything is so whimsical and full of color. I made a lot of the things in here, spray painted of few of the pieces, and thrifted a few others. This room is so me, eclectic, colorful and whimsical! I had so much fun looking through ideas on Pinterest, in magazines and in books and then making it all come together. I felt like this was a little practice for decorating the new house. I did the whole room from scratch and really had so much fun with it. I tried to make everything look pretty and cute but also be super functional for keeping things organized and picked up. I used a lot of little suitcases, tubs and baskets to contain things, it seems to help us stay picked up if each set of toys has it’s own container. I hope you enjoy this fun little peek into our playroom!

I have been so excited to find the perfect place in the house to hang a bunting and I knew once I started the playroom that this would be the spot. One of my good friends helped me put this bunting together one afternoon. I just love how it turned out!

This wall was a lot of fun to put together, it’s still a work in progress as I am hoping to continue adding more fun things to it. I loved mixing pictures and letters and words and three dimensional art to create such a funky and interesting look!

I have a thing for cloud pillows so I was so excited to put this one together and hang it in the playroom, it’s certainly not perfect but it was my first try at a cloud pillow and I love it! I also made this little felt and fabric garland to hang my instagram pictures from. We have so many instagram pics so I wanted a place to display some of my favorites! They are hung with washi tape covered clothes pins.

I made the curtains, they are no sew, just a little hot glue and ribbon! Our kitty Chloe approves, she always loves a new spot to nap in the sun!

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