Waiting for our Little Sweetheart

Tomorrow we find out the day our Little Sweetheart will join our family!! I never thought we would get to this day but it is going to be here! The last few weeks have been a little difficult for us as our little sweethearts birth mother has been having some health issues. We got an email the week before Christmas telling us of some pretty serious complications with the pregnancy and the need for her to be on bed rest. Our baby was only 32 weeks at the time and we knew she needed more time to grow. Talk about feeling completely helpless, even if I was carrying her I know there wouldn’t be to much I could do but at least I would be there every minute to know what was going on but not this time. This time I had to give it all to God, every little and big thought and fear that came to my mind. This is what I should be doing all the time and I know that but now I had no choice. So pray we did, friends and family were called and everyone prayed and we are so thankful for that! We prayed that she would get at least three more weeks before she had to enter the world. Our prayers were answered and this Tuesday our little sweetheart will be 35 weeks. Because of all of the complications we were told that our birth mom would be having a scheduled C-section, this is good for us because we can make travel plans and all go down together for the birth of our baby. I have been anxiously waiting to find out the date of the C-section since the week before Christmas and now tomorrow is the day we will know! The C-section will be scheduled at our birth moms appointment tomorrow and then we will get a call letting us know the day that our Little Sweetheart will be born!

As I look at these pictures of Noah eating his Sweetheart candies I can’t help but think of how our little sweetheart will be making her appearance soon and how our lives will be changed forever in an amazing way! We miss you little sweetheart more than you will ever know and we can’t wait for you to arrive so that we can kiss and hug you all over!

More tomorrow when we hear the news!!

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