Valentine’s Wafer Love Bugs

Vanilla wafers were my dad’s favorite treat. I like to have them every now and then because they remind me of him. When I was thinking about a fun Valentine’s Day treat I knew I wanted to use them. My 2 year old was my inspiration for turning them into love bugs though. That’s my nickname for her – my little love bug.

They were super easy to make. Instead of melting chocolates, I used some vanilla icing I already had. The trick is to stick it in the microwave for 15 seconds to soften it up so that you can dip the wafer in. I placed them on a pretty plate so that my toddler could help decorate with pastel sprinkles. She loved this part!

To turn them into love bugs I used candy hearts from my sprinkle collection for eyes and then cut a heart shape out of pink felt for wings. Just cut the heart in half to use the top part as wings. You could totally use construction paper instead, but I didn’t have any. These ideas always come to me last minute so I’m stuck using whatever I can find in my house. Lastly, I grabbed some silver pipe cleaners I had leftover from the holidays for antenna’s.

My daughter loved helping me with this snack and enjoyed tasting them as well!

Stacy Canzonieri

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