Learn how to run a Successful Giveaway on Social Media!

Using giveaways to grow your social media!

2020 was a hard year for many, including myself! It definitely brought mental and physical struggles and unknown answers for many. It was a year of trial and error with many things within my business and life. It showed me what was working for me and what wasn’t and gave me some new ideas for the future of my business. At Live Sweet we tried a bunch of new ideas in 2020 some with great success and others that we will be leaving in 2020. One thing that was a great success for us was running Giveaways!

Giveaways on social media have been happening for years, we always did some here and there but never thought we could make something out of it. We created this amazing page @girlsgrowtogether on Instagram where we hold our giveaways weekly! We are all about helping women empower each other and that’s exactly what we do! Our giveaways involve moms, women bloggers, small shops, entrepreneurs, really any woman who wants to create a following for herself! While we have had some amazing success running our giveaways on a separate giveaway account we also hosted a lot of smaller size giveaways directly from our personal page and that’s what we want to share about with you all today!

Getting Started!

One of our favorite kinds of giveaways to run are small story giveaways with about 6-9 other like minded IG pages! For this type of story giveaway we try and choose like minded accounts this way you will be getting new followers that are more likely to stick around because they already like the same kinds of things you are sharing. To organize a giveaway like this start by creating a list of 10-12 like minded bloggers/influencers. You can reach out to these accounts that you love and invite them to join you for the giveaway. Make sure to share all the details with them such as how much it will cost, the dates you will be running it and what you all will be giving away(we always choose a product prize or a gift card to a favorite store because IG seems to frown upon cash giveaways). When you host a giveaway you are responsible for putting all the graphics together. We use canva to create our graphics(if you want to find out more about how we create the graphics sign up for our free giveaway guide here!)

Once you get your group of accounts together create a group dm and add them all to it. In the dm you can share all the giveaway details along with the graphics in the group dm and all the details for posting!

Giveaways are a great way to gain new followers and meet new people! With every giveaway comes new followers and you will lose some it’s a given, but the gain is always worth it and the relationships you make from hosting the giveaway and the new people you meet are always so wonderful!

I have met so many amazing ladies through giveaways that are now some of my closest friends! You really start to create a bond with them and interact with them on all social media platforms. This is great for your relationship, but this is also great for your engagement!

Sign up here for our free Giveaway Guide where we walk you through step by step for putting together three different kinds of giveaways! I hope these ideas are helpful and see great success from them!

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