Up close and Pearlsonal with Pearl the Pig

Im starting a new series on the blog called “Up close and Pearlsonal with Pearl the Pig” where I will be sharing pictures of Pearls week every Monday morning! I thought it might be a fun uplifting way to start your week. You know like why not wake up Monday mornings, roll out of bed, grab your coffee and instead of wishing you were back in bed  you can look at adorable piggy pictures! I will probably even throw in some old baby piglet pictures every now and then to get you squealing!


I would love to hear from you below if you think this is a fun idea and maybe we will even do it as a little Q&A thing each week where you can leave a question below about having a pet pig and then the following week I will answer one of your questions. Let me know your thoughts!!

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  • Breanne KwasnyHi! I was just wondering what kind of pig Pearl is?
    Thanks, Breanne