I Heart Instagram Online Class!! Registration Now Open!

2015-06-16_0004  Registration is now open!! Click Here to register!
Class Taking Place From August 3rd-14th
I Heart Instagram Online Course
By Lindsey Bonnice of Live Sweet

 So you love Instagram but you are looking for ways to improve your photos, your following and your overall Instagram aura! You’ve come to the right place, because I am so excited to teach you all sort of Instagram love to help you build an awesome Instagram you can shout about from the roof tops! 

What we will cover:

1) taking awesome pics with your smart phone
2) great photo editing and processing apps for consistently awesome photos
3) becoming social on social media and why it’s so important
4) hashtag love
5) just becuase you took a picture of it doesn’t mean you have to Instagram it and other common Instagram mistakes
6) how to make your Instagram like a party that everyone wants to be invited to (aka how to grow your following)

What else is included:
Our class will take place in blog style format which is go at your own pace. The class will take place over a 2 week period of time but we will leave the classroom open throughout the month of August to make sure you have plenty of time to take everything in! I will also be offering two homework assignments and if you choose to participate I will offer comments and critiques! This is a great place to get questions answered and work on your photography skills! 

First 50 who sign up are only $89!! After that the normal class fee is $119
Click here  now to head to Live Sweet Shop and register!!


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