UI’s Favorite Portrait Contest Portrait 38

The rules: You can vote by leaving a comment under you favorite portrait only once a day but you can have anyone and everyone vote for your favorite portraits so send everyone over to the UI Blog. You can go back and vote everyday for the same portrait or portraits if you have not changed your mind so stop by daily and leave a comment. The portrait with the most votes and the portrait with the most unique comment will be the winners!

To vote you must leave a comment under the post of your favorite portraits. Each comment left will count as one vote and which ever portrait has the most votes at the end of January wins! We will also have a second winner which will be chosen by whichever portrait has the most unique comment that tells about why you love UI so be creative ladies and gentlemen!

Since we have so many images competing against each other this year the prizes are better than ever, the portrait with the most comments & the portrait with the most unique comment will both win a $100 gift card to UI & one of our very own 6×6 handmade and painted frames with a chalkboard inside (so awesome right)!

But wait theres more! We have been having lots of fun coming up with tons of sweet gifts for you this year and will be giving the portraits with the 2nd & 3rd most votes a fun handmade cotton bag full of cute and sweet goodies from UI!

So what are you waiting for, get voting and ask all of your family and friends to do the same, we can’t wait to hear what you all have to say. The race is on!
Love UI

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  • Janet H.My beautiful baby girl!!!

  • Rob HulseLove that smile!

  • Katie BackusBeautiful Liv <3

  • DevinMy sis rocks!!!!!!! :p

  • Bonnie BuchananOlivia Rocks!!!!

  • Kim ClintonOlivia is absolutely beautiful!!

  • LisaJust precious!!!! the Winner isss this picture

  • shelley polomceanNot only is Olivia precious in this picture, the backdrop is beautiful!

  • Tony ContelloSo sweet…what a beauty!

  • GraceShe is just a beautiful little girl! I love her smile!

  • SusanShe is a beautiful little girl who should be in child commercials. She is very photogenic!

  • DanicaI love it! She’s such a lil diva!

  • Dawn NowhitneySimply gorgeous.

  • Jodie SchwartzLove it! Beautiful Liv!

  • janet borkowskiabsolutely beautiful!!!!

  • Lisa BSooooo cute! 🙂

  • Steven NorthrupShe looks absolutely angelic in this picture!

  • MaryVery Cute!

  • TanyaAdorable

  • Charles HallAw, she is so adorable!

  • JulieMaggioreBy far one of the most beautiful beautiful little girls I know… with her Daddy’s sense of humor! LOVE the picture!

  • Holly HutchinsonWhat a beautiful picture!

  • bernadette elstonwhat a beautiful girl!

  • CarolAdorable 🙂

  • Katie BackusLivy you look like a fairy princess!

  • Kiley KeeslerLiv your soo beautiful!!!
    u look so adorable, like always

  • Crazy LadyLove it !

  • Missi BarnhartIt’s amazing how UI can catch the personality of a little country girl with a hint of city class – that is truely what Olivia is.
    Love this picture !

  • Heather K.Love this pic. and love that little girl.

  • Cathy GattoBeautiful picture! You even captured the twinkle in her eyes!

  • JanetOlivia had so much fun at her Tea Party photo shoot! She talked about it for weeks!

  • JUDY SANTORELLIMy beautiful niece….whose smiling face brings happiness all over the place.

  • Jackie B.She’s a cutie!

  • Jay NazzA shiny rock in a sea of awesome!!

  • Candace LisinicchiaSmiling Best Memories

  • Donny R.very cute!

  • MurphGreat Pic!!! She’s a doll!

  • JenaShe is the most beautiful little girl…..love this picture of her!!!

  • Tom Hadorable!

  • Jane ContelloShe sure knows how to rock that camera – and have fun, too! Beautiful!

  • Pam VThis is a great picture!

  • janet borkowskiBeautiful photography….perfect, just like nannys little angel.

  • Zack BackusCute picture Olivia

  • JulieMaggioreWhat more can you say???? SO precious. She is a doll.

  • JerryBeautiful pics. just awesome

  • ileneOk you find someone cuter than Olivia.

  • Judy BreeseWhat a cutie patootie!!

  • sandra hallthat”s my rainbow”,beautiful

  • PatPrecious!

  • Missi BarnhartAmazing Picture~ She is so beautiful and UI completely caught her personallity of a little country girl with a hint of city girl class.

  • Patty GardepeWhat an awesome picture. Adorable

  • Al NovelloI have seen pictures taken by experts but this picture of this lovely girl is something else. I believe it should be entered in a vast competition and I am sure it would win thumbs down. And as for the little gal, “A Star is Born!”

  • JanetLindsey, You always make my lttle girl feel like a princess when she comes to see you! Thank you!

  • Eleanor PalmaShe is adorable…she looks just like her mom!


  • sharlenebeautiful picture of a beautiful girl:)

  • TanyaMe again just leaving love

  • Lisa M LoucksWhat a little peanut!

  • Shawn G.Olivia always puts a smile on my face when she laughs.

  • LindaBella!!!

  • janet borkowskibeautiful picture, beautiful baby girl

  • Katie BackusGorgeous Liv!

  • Florence DiaferiaOlivia is a beautiful little girl

  • Shylaoh liv liv so pretty

  • GretaThis is a beautiful picture!!! Olivia is so cute!!!!

  • oliviadang i look good

  • Katherine Palmashe is the cutest

  • DevinBeautiful

  • Rob HulseMy little angel!

  • sandra hallmy rainbow!!!

  • MarionWhat a cutie pie!!

  • christina hulse-hodgesA single precious moment in time. As fragile as the bubbles she carefreely blows to the wind, so is this snapshot in the life of one of our precious babies…Miss Olivia!

  • dom roccovery cute little lady

  • janet borkowskiPrecious

  • JanetShe is a ray of sunshine!

  • shylaso cute!!

  • ChristineGreat picture!

  • brandonbeautiful girl

  • DevinI love my little sister!

  • Rob HulseI love this picture!

  • janet borkowskiA star is born

  • JoanneBeautiful Photo! Beautiful Child!

  • dom roccoso cute

  • Jason c hulseWhat a cutie

  • JanetTurning moments into memories

  • JUDY SANTORELLIOur precious little girl has been captured in a beautiful UI photo that shows the world what a star she is.

  • janet borkowskijust perfect

  • JanetMy sweet little girl

  • Crazy LadyMiss and luv ya <3


  • JanetHer smile captures my heart

  • Rob HulseMy beautiful baby girl!

  • DevinMy little sis :p

  • Julie MaggioreA daughter is a little princess that grows up to be your best friend. You can tell by her beautiful angelic face she will grow up to be a wonderful young lady and be your best friend as my daughter is to me. Bless you both Robbie and Janet on such a lovely little girl. xo

  • Skyler MaggioreA picture captures a moment… her beauty is a lifetime. Love the photo. Her face speaks a thousand words. Beauty, happiness and love to name a few. Miss you all.

  • PamLiv Liv – You are soooo beautiful! Awesome picture!

  • Heather K.thats my niece! She is so cute!

  • Tony ContelloWhat a doll!

  • TinaLove it! So beautiful.


  • Stacy SmithI love this child!!!

  • Kelsey SmithI love Olivia!!

  • Butch SmithShe’s so cute I’d share my mashed potatoes with her!!

  • Kaleb SmithOlivia…this is a great picture of you!!

  • JanetSo wonderful to see all of the beautiful comments about our Olivia! Thank you for this opportunity Lindsey!

  • Rob HulseMy baby girl is so photogenic!

  • LisaMiss Olivia Princess Pants! She is the only thing prettier than the color purple!

  • cindybarnesThe spittin image of her mother! Boooteeeful!