UI’s Favorite Portrait Contest Portrait 37

The rules: You can vote by leaving a comment under you favorite portrait only once a day but you can have anyone and everyone vote for your favorite portraits so send everyone over to the UI Blog. You can go back and vote everyday for the same portrait or portraits if you have not changed your mind so stop by daily and leave a comment. The portrait with the most votes and the portrait with the most unique comment will be the winners!

To vote you must leave a comment under the post of your favorite portraits. Each comment left will count as one vote and which ever portrait has the most votes at the end of January wins! We will also have a second winner which will be chosen by whichever portrait has the most unique comment that tells about why you love UI so be creative ladies and gentlemen!

Since we have so many images competing against each other this year the prizes are better than ever, the portrait with the most comments & the portrait with the most unique comment will both win a $100 gift card to UI & one of our very own 6×6 handmade and painted frames with a chalkboard inside (so awesome right)!

But wait theres more! We have been having lots of fun coming up with tons of sweet gifts for you this year and will be giving the portraits with the 2nd & 3rd most votes a fun handmade cotton bag full of cute and sweet goodies from UI!

So what are you waiting for, get voting and ask all of your family and friends to do the same, we can’t wait to hear what you all have to say. The race is on!
Love UI

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  • Suzanne SmithLove it, Emerson you are beautiful!

  • Elizabeth HughesM, you could not be any cuter!

  • Dawn VeltenBeautiful!!

  • lindsayLove this pic. Emerson is adorable. We love her.

  • AY and EYHer eyes say it all…

  • Toni TateLove love love! So beautiful

  • Jennifer DumasOnly Em can rock those curls so gorgeously!!!!!!!

  • C QuackenbushEm, so adorable!!!

  • Izzy RosatiSo beautiful!!!

  • ATown and ShockeyCutest little girl ever!

  • Denise CoughlinAmazing picture, she is too cute! Love it!

  • Marjorie SmithEmerson,as the song goes,”You Are So Beautiful”
    Love, Omi

  • Douglas SmithUnforgettable dose not fully describe that beautiful face!

  • ValSweetheart!

  • Carrie RandallThe cuter I look, the less likely they will be to think of me as a mischief-maker!

  • Jen Lamoureuxomg! She is absolutely precious! Wow!!

  • DianeShe is absolutely precious!

  • Lesley EicherPrecious beyond words 🙂

  • MissySo precious!!!!

  • Erin WimberleyLove the curls!!!!

  • Kellyanne GatesLove my beautiful lil roomate!

  • Ann ReifsteckSimply beautiful!

  • sallysophia, ralph and sally say, emmie, you are just too adorable!!! what a great photo!!

  • Carrie RandallDream big, Emerson!

  • Izzy RosatiGo Emerson!!!

  • Karen MenhennettAn angel for sure!

  • Laura WeaverAbsolutely adorable! 🙂

  • Kellyanne GatesLove my lil smart and beautiful roomate!

  • N, S & J Flynn-SchofieldWe just love that beautiful face!!!

  • MissyBeautiful!

  • Gail SamonsWhat a precious photo. She is so sweet!!

  • Darcy DonigerThose eyes, that hair… Precious Emerson!!!

  • Denise CoughlinA dream come true!

  • Heather DoyleLove you Emerson! Anyone that has been blessed to meet you knows you are the best:)

  • Ann ReifsteckEmerson- you are simply beautiful!!

  • Jennifer RandallGorgeous pic! love you!

  • Karen MenhennettWhat a cutie!

  • Jen RandallSo beautiful!

  • Suzanne SmithLove you, beauty!

  • Carrie RandallI love this picture 🙂

  • RachelBeautiful!

  • ToddGreat picture!

  • Lesley🙂

  • Erin WimberleyJamie just say this picture and said, “She cute.” I agree 🙂

  • Carrie RandallLove you soooooo much

  • Suzanne SmithSmile, baby girl!

  • Jen RandallSuper cutie!

  • Karl RandallLove you sweetie!

  • Wendy VonhofI can’t wait to meet you and look into those bright eyes!

  • k. o'sullivan“The eye speaks with an eloquence and truthfulness surpassing speech. It is the window out of which the winged thoughts often fly unwittingly. It is the tiny magic mirror on whose crystal surface the moods of feeling fitfully play, like the sunlight and shadow on a still stream.” Henry Theodore Tuckerman

  • Colleen BulgerShe is gorgeous, so happy to see the smiles:)

  • Mindy CozzolinoI still can not get over those curls! xo

  • kellyanneEmmy – a winner all ready in my book!

  • Chris RandallEm has beautiful eyes– what a great pic!

  • Suzanne SmithCan’t wait to see those beautiful eyes tomorrow!

  • Carrie RandallYou are the best, Emer.

  • Jennifer DumasBeautiful Girl!!

  • Jen RandallStill a cutie!

  • Karl RandallLove you!

  • Carrie RandallYou are so beautiful to me!

  • Suzanne SmithCutie pie!

  • JenniferSuch a sweet young girl. You rock Emerson:)

  • jenniferhope to see you all this year! beautiful em:)

  • SuzanneEmerson you are liovely and amazing!

  • Kellyannemovie star Emmy!

  • Carrie RandallYou are the sweetest!

  • SuzanneEmerson, I love watching you grow and learn new things about the world everyday!

  • AmyEmerson, I once told your Uncle Christopher he had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen but I was mistaken. You have the most beautiful eyes in all the land!

  • christopherBeautiful Beautiful Girl !

  • christopherTOOOOO CUTE !!!!

  • Jennifer DumasYou’re getting so big! Love you!!

  • Jennifer DumasEm, you ARE an unforgettable impression!

  • Jennifer DumasYou’re a true beauty, Sweetheart!

  • Jennifer DumasEmerson shines in sepia!

  • Jennifer DumasWow…I’ve heard of cameras capturing ghost images, but until now i wasn’t aware they could capture angels too!

  • Izzy RosatiBy the way, where did you get that beautiful dress? 😉 Hope to see you all soon!!

  • Jennifer DumasEm, your picture is worth much more than 1,000 words but 1 word sums it up…

  • Jennifer dumasYou’re a true beauty and a major cutie!

  • Jennifer DumasWe love you so much Emmy!

  • Jennifer dumasSuch a pretty princess!