UI’s Birthday Club

It’s birthday club time of the year again and as we update this year’s calendar we are looking for all of your little one’s birthdays. We are doing a total redo of our calendar this year and starting fresh so we want everyone’s birthdays even if you have submitted them in years past.

What we need.

Your child’s name, age & birthdate.

Your child will receive a fun little envelope full of goodies around their birthday! It’s such a fun surprise for your cuties and we love coming up with special treats to send!

Email us or comment on the blog with your birthday info!

Can’t wait to start sending birthday wishes!

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  • Jaclyn TannerHudson Tanner, 2 yrs. 8/17/09
    Bentley Tanner, 5 months 9/14/11

  • Natalie KnudsonCaroline Knudson, 6 months, 8/16/2011