Turning your Passion into Profit

Have you ever felt that you have what it takes to turn your passions into a business? Maybe you’re running a business now, but there’s an idea that’s always in the back of your mind that you’ve wanted to pursue! You might not know exactly what you would do, or how you would make it happen. Today, I want to inspire to you take that first step forward and start working toward making this dream a reality!

Step 1: Brainstorm 

What do you enjoy learning about, talking to your friends about, and even teaching others about?  What passion do you have that you would like to turn into something bigger? Have you learned something throughout your career that you wish you could go back and tell your younger self? This could be the perfect opportunity to help someone along and share your knowledge. You may be thinking you’re not an expert, but the truth is, you’re a step ahead of someone and maybe that person is looking for guidance (and would pay money for it). 

Step 2: Research

There are SO many options for you if you’re looking to make money online! A quick google search for digital products will give you so many ideas for guides, courses, printables, and more. This type of product tends to require less investment, and will sell over and over again without significantly rising costs. Talk to people in your industry! Ask all the questions, and get the details on the struggles you may have. Usually people are very willing to help someone who is just starting out- you might get some inspiration and new ideas as well! 

Step 3: Plan

How are you going to pull this off? Whether you’re hoping this will be your main focus someday or just another source of income, dedicate an appropriate amount of time out of your life to making it happen.  Will you set aside time every day, week or month to working on this project? Often times, it’s best to start something on the side and continue working your day job for stability. Continue to connect with women or men in your niche, build a community of people you can learn from, and people who want to learn or gain value from your content. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have an engaging group of people around your business, no matter what your goals are or what industry you are in. Another great thing to do while planning is to build an email list around what you can offer in your niche, maybe by providing a freebie with valuable information. This way you are able to develop a rapport with people trying to learn about your field. 

Step 4: Implement 

There’s no time like the present to just START! Don’t wait till the perfect season of life, till you have more time, till the stars aligns. The truth is, getting started and doing something is better than waiting for a season that will never arrive! Decide what platform you’ll use, start sharing with your following about what you’re working on. Use Canva to create graphics. Create your product or start pitching to clients, or reaching out to manufacturers; whatever your dream is, go for it! It may take some time to develop and that’s okay. 

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