Live Sweet Shop Preorders

Preorders are now open in our private Facebook group Live Sweet Loves! All you have to do is click the Facebook link, it will send you to our group and request to join! Once you have joined you will find in our announcements the post where you can put your order in! Also in the announcments is where you can find most of our prints we offer! Our live sweet loves group is a fun group to be apart of! It’s full of amazing women and we host some fun giveaways!
I have listed some photos here of what you can preorder and also some of our prints and backings! There are so many fun options to choose from and there is something for everyone! Trust me you don’t want to miss this preorder, it is the last one we will be having this year! Below i will list what you can preorder and pricing!

Live Sweet Shop Preorder:

Floor pillows:

medium 25×35 $68
large 35×35 $98
extra large 35×50 $135


baby 35×35 $65
toddler 35×50 $88
adult 50×70 $175


24×24 $42



standard $42
toddler $35


small $22
medium $28
large $35

Beanbag covers: $128

Striped Blankets:

baby 35×35 $75
medium 45×55 $115
large 55×75 $195
Here is the link to show you some of our old Christmas prints that you can order! Like i said before this is the last time to order any of our prints and backings before Christmas so check them out! Our Live Sweet Loves group will be holding a giveaway starting on 9/22 so make sure you head over to enter! We will be giving away a large snuggle blanket of your choice! Hurry and enter in our Live Sweet Loves group, preorders end on 9/26 and so does the giveaway!
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