Have you seen our awesome new series we are starting here on the blog called Treat Yourself Handmade Hustlers!? We absolutely love the awesome creative community that we get to work with and are so excited to share more about them right here! These ladies aren’t just hard workers, they are hustlers! Many have children or second jobs and run their households while also running businesses. We want to applaud, encourage and support them!

Our box was born not only out of a desire to help others indulge for themselves every now and then, but also out of our passion to empower and help grow other small, handmade and women-owned businesses.We will be sharing more about these amazing shops and the women behind them each week.


What are your favorite ways to treat yourself? I love to get a pedicure, or go out for ice cream with my daughter & husband.

What’s your favorite sweet treat? I love a great vanilla frozen custard with chocolate sprinkles. Or Tiramisu.

Which do you prefer milk or dark chocolate? Dark, no question.

What is your favorite time of day to create? Whenever possible. I am really creative late at night.

What’s your favorite holiday? I love Thanksgiving. It is always so relaxed and it is the first holiday that I start to slow down a bit for the holidays.

What color describes your personality best? Green, I love to be outside, and I love bright greens best. Plus, my name is Kelley, and I am half Irish.

If you had one what was the name of your childhood imaginary friend? I pretended I was pregnant when my Mom was, and her name was Jenny.

What makes your life sweeter? The look on someone’s face when they fall in love with something I have made with my own two hands.

Why do you create what you create? I Love fabric, the feel, the look, the flexibility of fabric. And the idea of classic crafts, sewing calms me down. I love to knit, but it just takes too long. I am impatient. Sewing is fast enough for me.

What are 3 of your favorite handmade shops? Don’t make me do this….I have so many lovely crafty friends. Please don’t make me pick. You all know who you are, and I love you!!!

What advice would you give someone just starting out selling handmade? When someone copies you, take a deep breath, and move forward. It is the hardest thing, but the one thing that has stunted my progress at times. Breathe through it & move on.



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