Fresh Eggs are like Gold


I don’t know if any of you have egg laying chickens, but if you do you’ll know what I mean when I say I feel rich when I go out to my barn yard and bring back a handful or basket full of eggs! It’s such a funny thing since eggs really aren’t that expensive or at all rare but there is something about getting eggs from your own chickens that makes you really happy!

Our Spring chickens just recently started laying eggs but we would only find a few of them every couple days and they would be in all different places in the barn and barn yard. I of course would not stand for this because of the giddy for eggs thing and so I don’t want to miss any of them, so I started doing some research on how to get your hens to lay in the coop. Here’s what I discovered and seems to be working a bit for me incase any of you ever run into this issue.

1) the thing I think has helped the most is I put fake eggs in our hens nest boxes. I purchased these on Amazon and then marked them with black x’s so I would know they are the fakes. That’s how real they look and feel, it’s so hard to tell them apart. I do not suggest using real eggs and marking them because they may break open and then your chickens will start eating them and then will proceed to eat the rest of their eggs

2) I’ve been making sure there is always plenty of nice hay in each of the boxes they are laying in. We only have a handful of layers right now and they only seem to use three of four of the boxes so those are the ones I keep full of hay and a fake egg.

3) I’ve also been leaving my chickens in their coop a little longer in the morning. Most of them seem to lay in the morning so if I don’t let them out super early a few of them will lay before they go out and then they don’t have a chance to head to the barn.

I’ve been trying these things for about two weeks now and have about a half and half success with it. I’m usually getting about 3 or 4 eggs in the coop each day and 3 or 4 in the barn each day. But at least now the ones laying in the barn are all laying in the same spot so I only have to check two places and hopefully the more some start laying the coop the rest will catch on.


Now that we have all these eggs we’ve started making more egg recipes!! This week I’ve made like 5 batches of Meringue cookies and my husband made an amazing quiche, and of course breakfast for dinner last night! I would love to hear your favorite desserts and meals that use lots of eggs so if you have any suggestions leave them below.



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  • ADFrancewhat kind of chickens do you have? Love you pic always make me smile this first time I have been to you page though.