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girls with kittens

Our Kitten Adventure!

We’ve had such an amazing time hosting our five little kittens over the past three weeks! These babies have stolen all of our hearts and we are so filled up! What a sweet opportunity to socialize them, litter train them, get them on solid food and love on them! Each kitten has a different, adorable personality and they all love to be held! It’s so darling to cuddle them as they and purr in our laps!

baby girl kissing a kitten
Helping those in need

About a month ago a friend of ours told us about some barn kittens that had. They were jumping out of the box they had them in. And they were nervous they might get hurt wandering around the barn. After discussing this with friends, we decided to foster the kittens until they were ready for their forever homes!

Getting ready for their new homes

We have loved raising them, but now the time has come for them to go to their forever homes! I’ve spent lots of time making sure that the kittens will each have a wonderful home; they will start heading to their forever home this week. I’m very emotional about it! We brought these babies home shortly after I lost my Maggie pup and they have been such a beautiful distraction.

Looking back

I love all the memories we’ve created with the kittens! The kids and I have been getting them used to being held and I’ve loved watching them play. I love that Libby sneaks up in the morning before everyone else is awake to hold them and cuddle them. And how Claire snuggles with each kitten and presses her face into them so gently! Oh, how I love watching Noah and Finn laugh and giggle as they run all over them!

baby girl hugging a kitten. Another kitten is looking into the camera.
Finding the perfect homes

Before we agreed to let them go I had a conversation with each potential kitten owner because It was very important that we talked about: the importance of spaying and neutering; making sure they were ready for a kitten, and the responsibilities that go along with them. Libby and I took them to the vet to get there first check-up and shots. It was so fun sharing the experience with her, as well as sharing the importance of getting pets veterinary care.

girl holding 5 kittens on a bed.

I’m so thankful we had the opportunity to do such a fun special thing together as a family. It is a blessing that we got to give these kittens a wonderful start and found them forever homes! I’m sure tears will be shed each time we watch them leave for their new homes over the next week. But, the tears will be both tears of sadness and joy! What beautiful memories we will always have of them!

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girls with kittens
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