Our Bedtime Routine with Johnson’s Baby

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Our bedtime routine, Phil and Claire using Johnson's bedtime lotion

Who does bedtime at your house, mom or dad?

Phil and I have switched it up over the years but I’m thrilled to say that Phil is 100% on bedtime duty these days and oh my goodness does it make this mama happy! Phil is so great at having a routine with all the kids and sticking to it and it’s made all the difference for good, healthy sleeping habits!

We always start our babies out with a bedtime routine at a very young age, we give them a sink bath first, lotion them up, then jammies and quiet snuggle time to calm them before bed. These moments are so precious and have helped all our babes be better sleepers!

Phil doing Claire's bedtime routine while Claire giggles and wriggles

It melts my heart seeing Phil sharing these sweet moments with our babies! Johnson’s Baby makes the best bedtime baby wash and lotion to help your babies get the rest they need along with gentle massage and touch that improves sleep quality for babies! Johnson’s has conducted tons of research showing that routine touch and massage are a game-changer when part of a bedtime routine! We love Johnson’s hair care as well!

The warmth of the bath and calm aromas soothe the baby for sleep, then a gentle massage calms the baby’s breathing. Johnson’s then recommends softly reading a book or singing a tune to create a relaxing atmosphere for the baby. This is a three-step clinically proven process for better sleep!

Claire relaxes as she gets ready for bed

I love that Johnson’s shares all their research publicly! They have sleep guides on their website for babies of all stages based on their findings. From evaluating over 300,000 baby sleep profiles, they’ve realized the importance of multi-sensory bedtime rituals. That’s how they ended up with this three-step process!

A warm bath, gentle massage, and quiet time are so important to keep constantly part of your routine! Did you know that your baby’s developmental milestones can alter sleep patterns? Physical advances like rolling over and standing up can temporarily affect their sleep. That’s why sticking to the routine is so important to get them back on track!

The research behind a baby massage is super interesting! Not only does a massage before bed make your little one feel loved and secure, but it also helps you recognize and respond to their body language. Using a relaxing scent such as Johnson’s Bedtime Lotion will help soothe them for sleep! Click here to read more about Johnson’s 3-Step Bedtime Routine.

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Our bedtime routine
Our bedtime routine
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