The story of our little lambs

I knew as soon as we moved out to the new house we would be starting a little hobby farm like a had growing up at my parents! I just couldn’t wait to introduce my little ones to the fun I had raising little farm animals! Most of you know I am a lover of all things baby so each spring we will be adding some new babies to the farm! Being the first year I knew I wanted little lambs and have been on the hunt for months to find the perfect ones! These babies are called Babydoll sheep and are a miniature and very friendly breed which is exactly what we wanted to start our sweet little farm! After lots and lots of phone calls, emails and searching the web last week I heard from someone in ohio that they had twin lambs and the mommy couldn’t feed them. They would need to be bottle raised so we drove out to Pittsburg on Saturday and picked them up to raise as our babies! They are now living in the living room and we are feeding them milk replacer in bottles every 4 or 5 hrs and are the sweetest things! We are so in love and they are doing great!


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