The many faces they wear!

I have been wanting to start sharing some fun photography tips with all of you here on my little blog so I thought I would start during our special Boden week and photograph Noah in his new favorite Shaggy Lined Hoodie! I think Mini Boden clothing is so fun to photograph your kiddos in because it can help show there spunky individual personalities and I especially love the Mini Boden Shaggy Lined Hoodie because it is so cute and a great hoodie for this in between kind of weather to just throw on when you are heading out for a bit in the chilly weather and Noah loves it because it is so soft and cozy!!

So now for the tip! I think we often feel that we always have to get those big smiles out of our kiddos to get great pictures, I am guilty of this as well as I started out taking Noah out to do these pictures and asked for that nice smile. Why would I want to ask him to make any other face than his own when I was just trying to capture him being him. It’s not really him if I force the expression on his face right. So the tip for today is let them be them, you will absolutely love to have these natural, funny and sweet memories down the road. So since Noah is into making funny & silly faces right now I thought it would be fun to show Noah wearing all of his many faces! Even though these aren’t all perfect smiles I will cherish these forever since they truly show the real 4 year old him. I hope that you can catch some fun faces from your little ones too!

And in the midst of all the faces I caught one of my favorite sweet faces, oh how I love his sweet little face!


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  • MomLove that face, too!!! Glad to see the best of Noah captured in print. I’ll need these to scrapbook 🙂

  • AvenleaWhat a great tip! Please keep sharing!

  • SenecaThis is definitely the Noah I know and love!