How-To Make a Mini Boden Sock Advent Calendar!

Have you started getting ready for Christmas yet!?! I am a Christmas fanatic, so I start as early as possible with all things Christmas and this year is no exception! I have started doing some of my shopping and am planning out some fun projects for this wonderful holiday season! I know I often run out of time to do all of the wonderful things that I have planned so I thought I would get a jump start to finish as much as I can before the holiday is upon us! I am so in love with Mini Boden’s whole line of socks, they are just the cutest things ever!! I of course have already gotten some tiny one’s for our little sweetheart but while we wait for her arrival I thought why not come up with a special way to use her sweet little socks, so here is a Mini Boden Sock Advent Calendar!

I have always loved advent calendars back from when I was a child. I just loved the excitement leading up to Christmas and getting a special little treat helped the wait not seem so long, now I love filling up one for Noah each year and we have so much fun opening his treat each day! I just love to see his excitement as he peeks into his little present and sees a new special surprise inside!

To make this Mini Boden Sock Advent Calendar I used a pack of little sweetheart’s socks along with an assortment of other larger sizes from Mini Boden to make this advent calendar useful as well as adorable. I find it hard to always find teeny things so the little bit larger socks help to be able to put a bit bigger treat inside! The nice thing about this advent calendar is you don’t have to damage the socks at all when using them for this project so you can have your Mini’s wear them throughout the rest of the year.

Supplies needed to make your own Mini Boden Sock Advent Calendar:

•Two or more packs of the 7 Pack Mini Boden Sock Pack in your choice of color or pattern

•Ribbon to hang socks from

• Clothes Pins & Washi Tape (the washi tape is optional for the clothes pins but adds a cute touch!)

• Number Stickers

• Lots of special treats!

Start by pinning up your ribbon were you will be hanging your advent calendar. I put Washi Tape on my clothes pins for some added cuteness. It is very simple to do, just put the tape on the clothes pin and cut the tape edges off. Put your number stickers on your socks in the order you would like to hang them and then hang socks using clothes pins.

Fill with lots of little goodies and treats for your mini’s and enjoy the excitement of the season!

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sock advent calendar
sock advent calendar
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  • SenecaAdorable!! It matches your house perfectly too!! Can’t wait for little sweetheart to be here to take part in the Advent Calendar (but more importantly, to snuggle with!!!) <3