The Journey To Claire – My #PureGoals Story

This blog post is sponsored by Pampers Pure, all thoughts and wording are my own. 

We all would go to extreme lengths for our children, which is such a beautiful thing. You never know what you’ll be called to do for your little ones but when it comes up as moms we are always ready to do whatever it takes no matter the lengths for our baby loves. 

Today I’m going to share my #PureGoals story with Pampers Pure in effort to start a movement to celebrate the great lengths moms – and Pampers – will go through to give babies the best of everything.

There literally isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my babies. Adoption starts out hard and gets harder before it gets easier, but it’s a journey I’m happy to take to get to my precious babes. When we got matched with Claire we knew her birth mother had been using prescription drugs and that there was a good chance Claire would have to stay in the NICU for a period of time while she went through withdrawals from the drug exposure. This was one of the hardest journeys I’ve ever been on, but I wouldn’t change a thing, and am thankful I got to be there for our sweet girl every step of the way. What did that entail? Packing up our family of 5, living in another state for over a month and moving throughout the area four times during that month. All this so we could be close to our littlest one while she recovered in the NICU.  Until you become a parent, you never understand the things we do for our babies. But when they are here, no matter how they come to you, they are worth every tear, every sleepless night, every tough decision, they are our world and we would do anything for them! 

So #PureGoals celebrates what I did for my Claire. We are celebrating every moment of parenting – be it living in another state just to bring home the newest member of the family or my extreme desire for my children to grow up in a fun and whimsical world surrounded by farm animals and an indoor house swing. #PureGoals are the things you do, the great lengths you go to for your children, that may seem a little out there to the outside world but make perfect sense to every mom who has ever welcomed home a child.

Let’s unite and celebrate the incredible things moms do to ensure there are no compromises for our babies.  We as mamas stop at nothing, and Pampers stops at nothing.  Because nothing gets in the way of Pampers #PureGoals.

P.S. We also weren’t compromising when it came to diapers the minute we learned about Pampers Pure. Ingredients matter to me – it’s another one of my #PureGoals. What I put on my babies is only going to be what I feel is the best. I was loving Pampers Pure for Finn and now that we have Claire in them too I couldn’t be happier with them for both a newborn and a toddler! They’re so soft, gentle on their skin, come in the cutest patterns and offer amazing protection!


We want to hear your #PureGoals story. Join the movement by sharing your #PureGoals story.

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  • FranLindsey, knowing and loving you, your babies will only get your best. I see that in Noah and Libby and I’m sure Finn and Claire will follow suit. You and Phil are such  loving people, and that is reflected in the way you live your lives, always bringing in God to show strength and love. Something great you have learned from both sets of parents. Bless you and your wonderful family.  I love you all and hope to catch up with you all soon.