Teeny baby kitties

So we had something a little crazy happen over the weekend, we rescued these three tiny, baby kitties. A friend of mine found these babies cold and alone, she thinks they hadn’t been fed or mothered since birth which was possibly two whole days. Their mama had abandoned them and two of their kitty siblings had already died.

I offered to take them and try my best to save them. They were weak and needed lots of love and attention. The first twenty four hours were so critical and I was up feeding them almost every two hours. Rubbing their little bottoms to help them go potty, heating up their kitten replacer to just the right temperature and learning their different markings so that I could tell them apart enough to know which one I had already fed and which one I hadn’t and making sure they were warm enough. For any of you who have bottle fed kittens, you know how fragile they are and how hard and time consuming it is. It is a labor of love that requires extra labor!

I struggled with whether I should share their sweet little faces here with you so early on or not as we are still not out of the woods with them. We’ve had them for four days now and they’ve all had their ups and downs but seem to be doing overall well right now. I’m hopeful that they will survive but one of them could still turn at any moment, so I’m also being realistic with myself and the kids and taking it one day at a time. I decided to share them with you at this early stage because they are part of our little story now, part of growing up on our little hobby farm, part of how I will teach my children about life, and love and caring for living things, part of how much work it takes to do something good but how much love you get in return even if it’s only just in knowing you’ve done something good.

This is just the beginning of our little story of rescuing kitties and I’m not sure how this little story will end but I wanted to bring you along on it, I wanted you to get to see all their sweetness and to hear the stories of what it takes to raise kittens from birth. I wanted to be able to share our sweet pictures and videos with all of you and I know if our story is one with some pain that we can share a little heartache here with you too. So I invite you to come along on our journey of bottle feeding and raising these teeny babies. I am not perfect, I don’t know all the answers, but I am doing my best and am excited to watch our kitty story unfold.

Libby being the beautiful animal lover she is, is obviously over the moon excited. So far here are some of the things she has said about this kitten adventure.

“wow mom, I thought this would be a lot more of just fun, but it’s a real lot of work, right mom?”

“I can’t believe we are finally bottle feeding baby kittens, this is like a dream come true mom!”

“Can I hold them now, is it time for me to hold them?”

“They’re so cute, I think this one likes me!”

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  • Jan AnglinGod Bless you Lindsey and your loving family!! I’ll pray they will get stronger everyday and live a very happy and loving life with you guys on your farm!!They are soo precious tiny kittens !!! Here is a BIG BEAR HUG for you!!! Please keep me updated on them! God Bless you & yours!!

  • KatI think it’s amazing you’re taking care of them!! But have you checked out this video about fostering/bottle feeding kittens? https://youtu.be/ebDPivG16HE It may have helpful tips! 

  • Sarah AmbroseWe rescued a litter 3 years ago…we took one and my sister in law found homes for the rest of them. Out of all of our cats, he is the most needy and I feel like he has an identity crisis. It is a lot of work but totally worth it!