Sweet Fluff Dress Up: Costumes with Animals!

The sweetest halloween costumes straight from our barnyard!

It’s that time of year again! Sweet Fluff Dress Up is in full effect! One of our favorite things about the fall season is getting creative and dressing up as our favorite characters. Our halloween costumes for kids and critters are sure to bring a smile your face!

young girl in yellow belle dress with goat
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Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for a great costume for your kids or animals this year? Sometimes you just need some ideas! Here are some of our #SweetFluffDressUp looks for some inspiration!

baby with and a puppy both dressed as lions

Dress up Costumes with Pigs

Charlotte’s Web was one of my favorites this year. Claire and Pearl make the perfect Wilbur and Charlotte! Libby and Pearl are beautiful butterflies!

a baby dressed as a spider with a pig
a girl and her pig dressed as butterflies

Little Bo Peep and her sheep!

Libby and Claire both have such a connection with our animals which is why I loved dressing them up as Little Bo Peep and her sheep! Claire gives the sweetest kisses. Look how adorable her and Duke are!

a toddler dressed as little bo peep kissing a sheep

Choosing the favorite costume is always a hard decision for Libby! With all of these ideas for Halloween costumes with animals, it’s so hard to decide which one to actually wear on Halloween!

a girl dressed as little bo peep with a baby and a sheep

Chicken Costume Idea

There is seriously nothing cuter than babies dressed as chickens! The first one here is Finn, and the second one is Claire this year! Watching her throw food to the chickens while dressed as one was adorable.

a baby dressed as a chick light next to a chicken


You don’t have to miss any of our animal dress up costumes. Just follow our hashtag #sweetfluffdressup to see all of our photos through the years! We have halloween photos with almost all of our barnyard animals!

Did you get any ideas for your kids halloween costumes with animals this year? Let us know what your planning!

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