Sweet Fluff Dress Up – Our Chicken Baby!

baby dressed up in a chicken costume

Around this time ever year we always look forward to sharing our Sweet Fluff Dress Up tradition! I couldn’t help myself and decided to dress little miss Claire up as a chicken. One of Claire’s favorite activities is going outside and feeding the chickens with her siblings and me. She always gets so excited when she gets to be apart of all that’s happening on our Live Sweet Farm.  

baby dressed in a chicken costume feeding chickens at a barn

She’s definitely become my little shadow these days and loves to follow me around with a cup of her own to feed one of our fluffy friends. Claire loves watching the chickens come over to feed from her little hand and by her feet. They make her so happy and always manage to put a smile on her face. 

baby dressed up in a chicken costumes feeding chickens at a barn

These interactions with my Claire are always my week’s highlight and I absolutely loved putting this fun chicken costume together for her. I knew she would love it and enjoy being one with the chickens in her cute outfit. We loved doing our Sweet Fluff Dress Up and we hope you did too! If you enjoy seeing these fun ideas make sure to follow us on Instagram and search #sweetfluffdressup to keep up with all the cuteness that is to come!  

baby dressed up in a chicken costume with donkey for halloween

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baby dressed as chicken for halloween
our baby dressed up for halloween as a chicken
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